About us

Our company was established in 1967 and manufactures metal and plastic body wheels and feet for various industries. It has an annual production capacity of 18.000.000 units with more than 400 products in a closed area of 1200 square meters in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone.

Our products are used in home and office furniture, hospitals and all kinds of tools and equipment which have to be moved. Our products, which we attach great importance to the quality, are marketed at home and abroad.

Our Mission and Vision

Our company aims to keep the satisfaction of our customers and the professional development of our staff in the forefront. It adopted the principle of continious quality with the structure of conscious and trained staff, keeping the product range wide, meeting the needs of customers in a complete and timely manner.

Our company has adopted the goal of being a preferred company at home and abroad, which always sign new designs with the latest technology and enlarge its export targets, continuously improve its management system.

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